Storing my hobby/obsession

I thought I'd share how I store my collection of projects not yet started and my thread stash, this is something from looking at a lot of websites and blogs and craft stores I know is completely up to you and what you prefer! There really isn't a wrong way as long as they are safe from the elements and for threads no cardboard with acid that over time can cause damage.

I keep the whole project in a plastic box big enough to fit the project and hoops and accessories :)
Now while stitching a project I keep my threads on the card they come on as you'll find most projects have presorted cottons. As the thread won't be on the cardboard for a long time I cut up old tissue boxes or biscuit boxes into appropriate size rectangles and write the symbol and number given to that colour by the pattern makers, you could also mark the thread brand and colour number given by the brand. This sounds complicated but it really isn't, these self made floss bobbins are cheap (FREE) they can be thrown into the recycling bin when finished.

When buying chart only patterns you will have to buy the colours you dont already have in your collection and therefore will end up with alot more thread than needed, meaning a lot left over. I keep them winded on plastic bobbins (which are more expensive but on ebay you can score a really good bargain BUY IN BULK) with the brand and colour number written on. I keep them in boxes that are advertised as craft boxes tool boxes bead storage etc etc. I buy mine from the cheap stores, (you know the kind that sell anything and everything) rather than from specialist craft stores because there is a huge price difference!

Now winding a fully thread of skein onto floss bobbins is alot more work so I keep my yet to be used thread in sandwich bags divided by colour (you can go by number or whatever) in plastic boxes that are cheap, easy to stack/store and can easily be used again as something else later on. I have one for DMC floss and one ANCHOR. These boxes are a great size I can fit my sandwich bags of full floss and divided boxes of floss on bobbin on top- so, so, convienent. I should mention I have a small collection of threads compared you many you'll see! people who have large collections meaning every colour available from a brand will have more permanent styles of storing their floss such as:

I was lucky enough to find on sale in a craft store two dollars for a 12 pack of these craft cup things with lids there are perfect for even the smallest beads and storing needles they also stack nicely two high four across in your average shoebox :) (similar to these pictured)

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